The Nervous System in Meditation & Yoga

Four weeks of investigation of the relationship of the trauma physiology and resilience teachings of Organic Intelligence to the practices of meditation and yoga.
1. Meditation: Orientation, Body Posture, Pleasure (6.6.17)

Trauma Basics: Fight, Flight, Freeze (6.6.17)

2. Meditation: Mettā (Loving Kindness) for a Benefactor, with the breath (6.13.17)

Trauma Basics: Activation-Deactivation (6.13.17)

3. Meditation: 3 Important Spectra/Qualities to Track (6.20.17)

Trauma Basics: Tracking States of Activation-Deactivation (6.20.17)

4. Meditation: Orientation to the here-and-now (6.27.17)

Trauma Basics: Working with the Past, the Trauma-Privilege Spectrum (6.27.17)


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