Sean Feit Oakes, PhD

Sean Feit Oakes, PhD, teaches Buddhism and Yoga focusing on the integration of meditation, trauma resolution, and social justice. He received teaching authorization from Jack Kornfield, and wrote his dissertation on extraordinary meditative states. His current research explores identity, ancestry, and rebirth, and working with the body in contemplative inquiry.

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Winter 2020 News

It’s been election, election, election all the time around here. Or it just seems that way… Because it’s also been sew witch costumes, pick persimmons, work on the treehouse, ferry our child to school and back, cook and clean over and over, wrestle on the trampoline, work the day job, and… you know, everything.

Spirituality is not a privilege — everybody has some intimacy with existence, whether conscious or unconscious — but meditation, yoga, study, and other kinds of formal discipline are, simply because they take time and energy that could be put to survival and self-protection (like parenting, activism, and livelihood, for instance, which all can sure feel like survival sometimes). If you have enough security in your life to sit still and let your breath settle, be grateful. And then actually do it!

For many of us, both here in the US and everywhere, really, our survival-oriented nervous systems have been getting pinged pretty hard this year. And this election has a more apocalyptic flavor than any other in my lifetime, for folks on both sides of this thing. That’s trouble. But as far as spirit goes, the world is much the same as ever. Greed seeks power, hatred divides, and good people everywhere try to survive and help each other. And it’s relentless. So if you want to sit still for more than a few moments and turn your spindrift gaze toward paradise, you have to make it happen amid the storms, rather than waiting for the divine moment of rest to suddenly open in front of you like a cloud break where .

So as we hurtle toward the end of the current season of the American drama, remember as big a picture as you can, often. Stay inspired, and do whatever you can to make real contact with folx you love and trust, even through the glowing screens. And find some moments every day to put it all down and find your body.

Most Recent Talks

Note on audio talks: we’re working on getting talks from 2020 uploaded, and changed over to a new system. Till then, talks here are only through the Spring. All recent talks are in Zoom recordings linked in the FB group.

History of Yoga Course

Intro to the History of Yoga: Philosophy, Practice, Transformation

for Yoga teacher training programs

Intro to the History of Yoga is a 20-hour online course, approved by Yoga Alliance, to fulfill the foundational yoga history and philosophy curriculum in yoga teacher training programs. This curriculum provides a deep dive into the ocean of ideas, practices, and culture that evolved into modern Yoga and equips graduates with a deep understanding and reverence for the culture and traditions from which these transformative practices arose.

5 Recollections for Daily Practice

I am of the nature to age, I have not gone beyond aging.
I am of the nature to sicken, I have not gone beyond sickness.
I am of the nature to die, I have not gone beyond dying.
All that is mine, beloved and pleasing, will become otherwise, will be separated from me.
I am the owner of my actions, heir to my actions, born of my actions, related to my actions, abide supported by my actions.
Whatever action I do, for good or for ill, of that I will be the heir.

(AN 5.57, tr. Forest Saṅgha)

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