Saṅgha Gatherings

Our open saṅgha gathering is Tuesday night satsang with Sean. Dedicated practitioners are invited to join our monthly Friday book club, currently studying the Dīgha Nikāya (The Long Discourses of the Buddha)

All of our gatherings are open to beginners and experienced meditators, and new folks are always welcome to drop in. Please join us if you would be supported by saṅgha (spiritual community) in this moment.

Groups are offered in the Gift Economy system, with donations invited to maintain the groups as an accessible Dharma resource for all.

Insight Meditation Satsang

with Sean Feit Oakes, PhD

Tuesdays 7:30-9:00pm (Pacific), Online

A weekly meditation and study group focussed on deepening in both traditional Buddhist practice, and exploring the links between individual & systemic liberation in the form of social justice and collective healing practice.

Learn more about this gathering here.

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Saturday Saṅgha

with Sarah Clark

Saturdays 7-8am (Pacific), Online

A weekly meditation and movement class where folx can gather together to practice the awakening technologies of yoga, buddhism and embodiment arts and investigate how these practices cultivate stability, insight, resilience & courage.

Learn more about this gathering here.

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Join our virtual saṅgha

Our FB group page, called “In It To End It,” is a place for community connection, event announcements, & practice discussion. Low drama. All are welcome.

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