Online Study

Below you will find both live and pre-recorded study opportunities, organized using our online course platform. All offerings are in the Gift Economy model, meaning you are welcome to enroll with or without monetary exchange. If you are able, you are encouraged to make a contribution towards the creation and maintenance of this offering. Your generosity is greatly appreciated and allows us to share these teachings with everyone who might benefit from them, regardless of access to wealth.

Live Sutta Study
Self Study Courses

A university-level introduction to Yoga history designed for dedicated students of Yoga and meditation. Lecture, practices, and reflection to support culturally literate contemporary practice.
20 hours of pre-recorded video content.
Registered with Yoga Alliance; receive CEUs.

Talks and meditations on the Buddha’s instructions for individual and collective liberation. A gorgeous blueprint for spiritual, psychological, and mystical practice.
130 hours of audio content.
Recorded at Insight Meditation Satsang, May 2019 – Dec 2021.

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