OI intros coming up

I’m doing a few more intros to Organic Intelligence® (OI) this summer, preparing for our upcoming Human Empowerment And Resilience Training (HEART Berkeley), starting in September. If you’ve been interested in this work, or are feeling into what’s next on your path – whether around your own healing, professional work, or social action – come meet us and get a sense of whether OI might be a community you want to be around and a work you might want to dig into.

Healing the Collective Body:
Organic Intelligence® & Social Action

Wed 7/18, 7-9:30pm
Canticle Farm, Oakland (1972 36th Ave, Oakland)
Gift Economy (donation-based)

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Activists and others working for systemic change are intimate with trauma and oppression, throughout the social systems they care about, and within their own bodies, families, and communities. Organic Intelligence (OI), a complex systems-based healing process, offers an elegant model for systemic change based in the principle of working with rather than against biological systems. It is an inner process, a counseling modality, and a model for resilience in large-scale social systems.

Join Sean Feit Oakes, PhD for an evening intro to OI as a support for social action and anti-oppression work. The evening is offered freely, in the way I so value, rooted in the principles of Gift Economy. Donations will be invited for the teacher and host community, Canticle Farm.

Notes about Canticle Farm:

Accessibility: The space we’ll be in is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible. Canticle Farm and Organic Intelligence both apologize to our communities for that obstacle. They are developing an accessible space that we’ll be excited to see soon.

Parking info from Canticle: “The event will take place in 1972 36th Avenue, directly behind 1978. Parking is very difficult on 36th Avenue; somewhat better on Harrington Avenue. If you park on Harrington, you can walk down the path next to 1969 and it will bring you into our garden. Walk toward the dark green house and go upstairs. Fruitvale BART is a 10 to 15 minute walk (or 5 minute Lyft/Uber ride) to our community. Please do not park in or block our driveways.”

Introduction to Organic Intelligence®:
Basics & Clinical Essentials

Basics: Fri 7/27, 6:30-9:30pm
Clinical Essentials: Sat 7/28, 10am-5:30pm
Location & price TBA
CE units available

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Learn the basics of Organic Intelligence as applied to counseling and therapeutic work, including the 3 Phase model, working with thresholds, and understanding the physiological nature of trauma and dysregulation.

This workshop introduces the material that will be taught in the 3-year HEARTraining, one of the premier trauma resolution and resilience-building bodies of work in the counseling and social change fields now.

Professions that benefit from Organic Intelligence include therapists, coaches, social workers, counselors, bodyworkers, energy healers, yoga teachers and practitioners, trainers and educators, clergy, mindfulness coaches, spiritual teachers, and activists, among many others.

Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Training
with Sean Oakes & Karen Macklin

Intro to Organic Intelligence in yoga & meditation (Sean): Sat 9/1, 12:30-8:30pm
Teaching a trauma-informed public yoga class (Karen): Sun 9/2, 12:30-9:30pm
Yoga Garden San Francisco
$345 (before 8/18), then $385

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Many people come to yoga to help heal old wounds, both physical and emotional. In this workshop we will dive in deeper to help support students who have been affected by past trauma.

In this two-day teacher training, you will learn how the nervous system responds to stress and danger, and how that natural response is affected by trauma, often leading to states of anxiety and overwhelm..

We will explore specific yoga and meditation practices that can support healing and resilience. By the end of this training you will be able to create a trauma-sensitive yoga class that is appropriate for the general public and safe for students who are trauma survivors.

Learn more about the OI HEART Training

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