Election Night, Hopelessness, Saṃsāra

We gather in a small group on election night 2018, before the results came in for the midterms that would initially look meh but roll slowly into a nice blue wave, with a few big disappointments (Gillum, Abrams, O’Rourke) and some big delights, particularly the wave of women and POC who just retook the House for the Dems. But it’s still saṃsāra, right?

Meditation: Stillness. Oriented toward beginners, and includes our Refuge & Precepts pūja. (11.6.18)

Talk: Cosmic view, holding the perspective of liberation as central, and why momentary victories still are expressions of greed, hatred, and delusion (AND how they still need to be fought for). (11.6.18)

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