Insight Meditation Satsang

Our weekly meditation and study group is based in the Insight Meditation tradition and its sources in Thai and Burmese Theravāda Buddhism.

The focus of the group is on deepening in both traditional Buddhist practice, and exploring the links between individual & systemic liberation in the form of social justice and collective healing practice. I bring a particular focus on working with the nervous system and resolving the symptoms of trauma, supported by devotional practice, study, and ethics as the basis of the path.

All are welcome, for all or part of this schedule:

insight meditation satsang

with Sean Feit Oakes, PhD

Tuesdays 7:30-9:00pm (Pacific), Online

7pm — Chanting * Chanting ending as of 1.31.23.
7:30 — Meditation with instructions
8:00 — Community circle or small groups
8:15 — Talk & discussion 

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Building a community dedicated to individual & collective liberation​

​Insight Meditation is a translation of the Pāli word vipassanā, literally “Clear Seeing.” As a style of meditation, it was created by American and European students of Thai Forest and Burmese Theravāda Buddhist teachers in the 1970s, and has woven valuable aspects of Western psychology and healing work into those beautiful, ancient streams of practice. I was invited to teach by my mentor, Jack Kornfield, in 2010, and attempt to offer Buddhist teachings in a way that is accessible and integrated with the social reality of 21st century life while remaining faithful to the renunciate core of the Theravāda system. (You can read more on my lineage and teaching here.)

Satsang is Sanskrit for “community of truth” and describes gatherings of seekers who meet to open their hearts and minds together through sharing wisdom and inquiry. In addition to the Thai Forest and Burmese satipaṭṭhāna traditions, I bring in perspectives from Zen, Mahāyāna Buddhism, Hindu and Buddhist tantras, and Haṭha Yoga as counterpoint. Teachings also are substantially influenced by trauma resolution practice, which has shown itself as profoundly valuable for meditators and yogis, and the urgent work of social justice and anti-oppression awareness.

Beginners to meditation and contemplative practice are warmly welcome, especially anyone interested in how the paths of Buddhism and Yoga inform the resolution of trauma, and the work to respond wisely to oppression that is the heart of social justice and resilience work.

My intention is for this to be a space of beloved community, radical inquiry, and deep nourishment as we cultivate individual and communal awakening, especially through the extreme challenges of climate change and the many social and cultural ruptures we tend in our communities. We need community, and safe spaces for spiritual practice, now more than ever if we are to find strength and wisdom to act in service of communal well-being.

May our practice be of benefit to all.

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