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Come together in Saṅgha to read the majestic first collection in the Pāli Canon, the Dīgha Nikāya, or “Long Discourses of the Buddha.” In these texts, the Buddha talks with seekers, kings, ascetics, Brahmins, and gods, describing the path to liberation using endlessly diverse skillful means. We will plan to read the entire collection, roughly in order of difficulty, beginning with several gorgeous, simpler discourses.

We’ll meet monthly, exploring together the Dhamma the chants call “well-expounded, apparent here and now, timeless, encouraging investigation, leading inwards, to be experienced individually by the wise.”

All are welcome, but these texts become difficult quickly, so some experience in meditation and Buddhist teachings will be helpful. Participants will be encouraged to have an active practice of the Refuges and Precepts throughout the run of the course.

All sessions will be recorded, and participants can join at any time. The course is open throughout, but I encourage you to commit to coming as regularly as you can rather than just dropping in randomly. Our discussion will build as we go.

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