Positionality is Ancestral Karma

Two talks on the complex current discourse known as “positionality”, which basically means that the social roles and conditioned state we experience the world through determine how and what we can perceive and know.

I propose that the practice of inquiry into positionality is both a foundation for the insight into the emptiness of the sense of self (anattā), and a healing of inherited identity, which we can call ancestral karma.

The first talk seemed a bit dense, so I tried again two weeks later, aiming for a more accessible presentation. Not sure if I succeeded, but we had a good conversation.

Meditation: centering the body, relaxing, centering the mind (9.11.18)

Talk: Positionality, ancestral karma, vastness (9.11.18)

Meditation: body, breath, ease (9.25.18)

Talk: Positionality, basics of current conversation, identity and its connection to ignorance (avijja) (9.25.18)

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