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We are currently working on editing and formatting Sean’s extensive audio archive of Dharma talks into user friendly courses. We are super excited to launch these soon, all in gift economy.

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More courses and guided meditations are available on these partner platforms:
  • Liberate is a subscription-based meditation app that includes practices and talks designed for the Black community, from BIPOC teachers with a diverse background in lineage, perspective and approach.
History of Yoga Course

Intro to the History of Yoga: Philosophy, Practice, Transformation

Dive into the ocean of ideas, practices, and culture that evolved into modern yoga. Designed for serious students of yoga and meditation (and for use in YTT programs), this is a university-level introduction to Yoga history from an engaging scholar-practitioner.

The Heart Sūtra: Refuge, Liberation, & the Perfection of Wisdom

Hosted by our friends at The Sutra Project, this course features a new translation of the Heart Sūtra, one of the beloved and evocative texts of the Mahāyāna tradition, by Dr. Oakes and Dr. Christopher Wallis.

The Noble Eightfold Path to the End of Dissatisfaction

A systematic exploration of the Buddha’s instructions for individual and collective liberation. The steps of the Eightfold Path, though straight-forward, are layered with beauty and subtlety, fractals of individual and relational cultivation that come together over time as nothing less than a life of peace, generosity, and wisdom.

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