The 4 Divine Abodes (brahmavihāra), plus gratitude

The 4 blessed healing states known as the Divine Abodes, or Divine Abidings (brahmavihāra) are among the most beloved practices in the Buddhist system. We spent a month on them this summer, looking at the power of heart practice on the Liberation process. The meditations use a simple form of the “radiating” style taught by Ajahn Anālayo.

We ended with a night on gratitude, sometimes called the “5th brahmavihāra,” which happened to be our last night at Yoga Tree Telegraph in Berkeley before we moved across town to our new home at Namaste Yoga + Wellness. Coincidence, but we got to extend gratitude at the end of our stay at a beloved studio before beginning our time at another.

Meditation: Radiating kindness

Talk: Loving-kindness, friendliness (mettā) (8.1.17)

Meditation: Caring for all beings

Talk: Compassion (karuṇā) (8.8.17)

Meditation: Appreciation

Talk: Appreciation, or Sympathetic Joy (muditā) (8.15.17)

Meditation: Equanimity, Karma


Talk: Equanimity, the balanced heart (upekkhā) (8.22.17)

Meditation: The still point; eye of the hurricane

(The night I gave this meditation and talk, hurricane Harvey had just hit Texas, and hurricane Irma hit Puerto Rico and Florida.)

Talk: Gratitude (8.29.17)

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