The 4 Divine Abodes (brahmavihāra), plus gratitude

The 4 blessed healing states known as the Divine Abodes, or Divine Abidings (brahmavihāra) are among the most beloved practices in the Buddhist system. We spent a month on them this summer, looking at the power of heart practice on the Liberation process. The meditations use a simple form of the “radiating” style taught by Ajahn Anālayo. We ended with a night on gratitude, which happened to be our last night at Yoga Tree Telegraph before we moved across town to our new home at Namaste Yoga + Wellness. Coincidence.
1. Loving-kindness, Friendliness (mettā) (8.1.17)

Meditation: Radiating kindness

2. Compassion (karuna) (8.8.17)

Meditation: Caring for all beings

3. Appreciation, or Sympathetic Joy (mudita) (8.15.17)

Meditation: Appreciation

4. Equanimity, the balanced heart (upekkha) (8.22.17)

Meditation: Equanimity, Karma

(5.) Gratitude (8.29.17)

Meditation: The still point; eye of the hurricane (Harvey hit Texas, Irma hit Puerto Rico and Florida)


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