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All these are folks I know personally or professionally and have had a good sense of their work and their person. Shopping for a therapist is difficult, I know. It has been for me too. I hope this list is helpful. You might also explore the Somatic Experiencing and Organic Intelligence practitioner lists.

Many of these practitioners offer a sliding scale. Many also will do distance work via online video. For both, I recommend making contact first based on your hit that they might be a good person to work with, then ask about the logistics. When asking for a sliding scale, offer the highest you can honestly afford, taking your respect for this work and the long training these healers have undertaken into account.

Organic Intelligence

OI practitioners are not as often MFTs (“therapists”) as most of the below SE practitioners are, and the work can be distinct enough from classical therapy and SE that it wants its own category. So here are a few friends doing lovely OI work. Almost all are listed on the Organic Intelligence mentor list. Everyone is in the SF Bay Area except those noted otherwise.

Maggie Brande, SEP, OI (San Francisco, CA)

Eliza Meadows, LMHC, CN, SEP (Asheville, NC)

Rebecca Renfrow, MS, SEP, LMHCA (Seattle, WA)

Robin Craig, LPC, SEP, OICC (Flagstaff, AZ)

Veronika Gold, MFT, SEP (San Francisco, CA)

Randy Watson (Ashland, OR)

Blessings on your path

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