“Bhikkhus, when mindfulness of breathing is developed and cultivated, it is of great fruit and great benefit. When mindfulness of breathing is developed and cultivated, it fulfils the four foundations of mindfulness… the seven enlightenment factors… true knowledge and deliverance.”

Sean Feit Oakes, PhD

Sean teaches Buddhism and somatic practice focusing on the integration of meditation, trauma resolution, and social justice. He received teaching authorization from Jack Kornfield, and wrote his dissertation on extraordinary states in Buddhist meditation and experimental dance. He teaches at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and elsewhere.

Puerto Rican-English ancestry
Living on unceded Pomo land
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Upcoming Online Teaching

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Insight Meditation Satsang

Tuesdays 7:30-9pm, ongoing
Meditation, teachings, & our lovely saṅgha. All are welcome.

Book Club: Reading the Dīgha Nikāya

Monthly Fridays, 8:30-10am
Explore the Long Discourses of the Buddha. Join anytime.

How to Breathe: Cultivating the Breath for Deeper Meditation, Better Sleep, and Nervous System Health

Sat Oct 7, 10am-4pm (online)

Working with the breath is foundational to Buddhist meditation, and was the Buddha’s primary practice both before and after his awakening. This daylong will focus on changing unhealthy patterns of breathing for better energy, rest, and focus. We will learn prāṇāyāma from Haṭha Yoga, explore the physiology of breath, and meditate using the Buddha’s instructions on ānāpānasati (mindfulness of breathing). You will be able to immediately change how you are breathing, with immediate impact on your meditation and general well-being.

Gay Buddhist Fellowship: Sunday Gathering

Sun Nov 12, 10:30am-12pm (online)
Talk & practice with the lovely folx of the GBF.

Here on the website you can explore self-paced courses (coming soon!), archived talks, guided practice, writings, and more resources to support your practice. 

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