“…Blessed One, if an honorable seeker is to begin the path of awakening,
how must they stand, how must they walk, how must they work with their hearts?”
(The Diamond Sūtra)

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Organic Intelligence 3-Year training starts Sep 2018!

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2018 Teaching Schedule

Tuesdays 7:30pm Insight Meditation Satsang (Namaste), ongoing

6 Fridays, 9/21-10/26 Haṭha Yoga Sādhana 3: The Open Circle (Namaste)

Starting Sep 2018 Organic Intelligence 3-Year HEART Training (Rudramandir)

Welcome. This website contains material related to my work as a scholar-practitioner, weaving between academic research and community-based teaching. My research looks at the experience of subtle states of consciousness in Western contemplative arts, and works toward a robust, socially-inclusive Buddhist phenomenology. I teach and write about Theravāda Buddhism, Insight Meditation, and Haṭha Yoga as supports for personal liberation and social justice. Casual writing and dharma talks are here, and academic essays are under Performance Studies.

No specific religious belief is necessary to practice with me, but my teaching is strongly rooted in the Theravāda Buddhist tradition as expressed in Thai Forest and Burmese Vipassanā lineages, with substantial influence from Tibetan Mahāyāna, Śaiva Tantra, Vaiṣṇava Bhakti, and the modern Haṭha and Vinyasa Yoga traditions, along with the trauma resolution work of Organic Intelligence®, Somatic Experiencing, and Polyvagal Theory. All are welcome to come and explore the mystery of this human life together.

Individual Sessions & Group Work

Central to my understanding and teaching is the role of trauma and relational disruption in the process of self-knowledge and inquiry. Trauma comes in many forms, from physical harm through violence and accidents, to emotional harm in unsafe relationships, to the systemic harm all of us experience in cultures where racism, sexism, oppression, and the abuse of communities by rapacious social systems (consumer capitalism, toxic individualism, religious fundamentalism, intolerance) are the norm.

Wise action to heal trauma consists in addressing it wisely on all levels, including the personal and societal, and influences every level of spiritual development. I see people with an ongoing practice of yoga or meditation for individual sessions, which can address yoga or meditation practice, relationships and inner process, and support healing and trauma resolution. I am also available for group process and facilitation, supporting healing and relational coherence for cohorts engaged in committed work together. Contact me if you’re interested in bringing me to your group.

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Stay strong through the storms of our times! And please reach out if I can support you on your path. I look forward to practicing with you sometime soon. Blessings always.

Gift Economy

If you benefit from my work and want to express your gratitude through an offering of money, you can donate to me directly through PayPal. Your offerings help me to devote more of my time to this work, and to keep it available to as many people as possible.

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