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we’ll continue our look at the Buddha’s instructions for mindfulness meditation, building on last week’s discussion of the analysis of the body as anatomical parts. Now we’ll look at the beautiful meditation on the body as comprised of the 4 great elements: earth, water, fire, and wind. This meditation is one of my favorite in the system, building toward a felt sense of non-separation from nature in all its manifestations.

We had power outages and the internet was down at my new house that night, so I was on a terrible hotspot that kept dropping, and eventually was able to phone in, but didn’t really get to give the talk on the elements I meant to give. So there’s not a good recording. Skip it for now, and this Tue I’ll redo the elements talk, and expand on the basics for folks who were there.

9/2 comment: Last night (9/1) I reprised the 4 Elements talk from 8/18 that got messed up, so go there for that.


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