3.3 Satipaṭṭhāna Meditation 3: Death


This one we often do lying down. Sweeping attention through the body to sense its nature as a body, as the elements, then seeing the image of the skeleton, flesh dried up and blown away. This is a simplified version of the sequence of visualizations given in the classical sequence (and you can find a full version of Anālayo guiding the Death Contemplations (maraṇasati) here). Then resting with full-body awareness, and the breath, aware that each in-breath could be one’s last, and each out-breath a letting go.

(Recorded on 3.19.19 at Insight Meditation Satsang, Berkeley, CA)


Discussion on the implications and experience of the death contemplation.

(Recorded on 3.19.19 at Insight Meditation Satsang, Berkeley, CA)
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