2.8 Mettā Sutta, Part 8: Wisdom & Liberation

We looked at the last verses of the text, which turn toward the profound and liberating wisdom that comes with seeing experience clearly and letting go of “fixed views,” which means, of course, about everything.
“Whether standing or walking, seated or lying down, free from drowsiness, one should sustain this recollection. This is said to be the sublime abiding. By not holding to fixed views, the pure-hearted one, having clarity of vision, being freed from all sense-desires, is not born again into this world.”


Breath concentration as Loving-Kindness.

(Recorded on 11.28.17 at Insight Meditation Satsang, Berkeley, CA)


(Recorded on 11.28.17 at Insight Meditation Satsang, Berkeley, CA)
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