Intro to the History of Yoga: Philosophy, Practice, Transformation

A 20-hour online course with Dr. Sean Feit Oakes.


Course Details

Dive into the ocean of ideas, practices, and culture that evolved into modern yoga. Designed for serious students of yoga and meditation, this is a university-level introduction to Yoga history from an engaging scholar-practitioner.

  • 16 hours of engaging lecture, including stories, philosophy, images, and excerpts from classical texts, recorded live in Berkeley, CA in 2017
  • Hundreds of beautiful slides with classical imagery & text excerpts
  • Guided meditations for personal practice
  • Comprehensive handout, including text excerpts & suggestions for further study
  • Inquiry questions to support you on your path
  • Monthly video chats with Dr. Oakes & a community of sincere practitioners

Pricing: Gift Economy

We are experimenting with a variation of Gift Economy in this course offering. It works like this:

you can pay a set price,

We suggest a price for the course that is enough that we can invest in creating and offering more resources like this. It’s a “non-profit-level” price. You can choose that price and proceed through checkout (above) without further effort, treating it as a standard set price. This is what you’re used to doing all the time if you live in a market economy.

you can choose your own price,

You also have the option to complete a scholarship form and select a price you choose, either lower or higher. By doing so, you will become part of a community of students supporting one another through offering and requesting scholarship funds.


To choose a price that’s lower than the suggested price, please complete the scholarship form to request assistance. We ask that you write a bit about yourself, and what brings you to ask for the gift of a scholarship. We especially invite LGBTQ & POC folks to use this, as well as people of any heritage Buddhist or Hindu culture, if you choose.

or higher.

To choose a price that’s higher than the suggested price, please complete the scholarship form to offer assistance. We’ll ask you to write a bit about yourself, and what brings you to offer this gift. We especially invite White folks and others with privilege in the current global system to use this, if you choose.

In both cases, what’s important to us is that we pay forward what we have been given from this venerable lineage with as much respect to its formal structures, like dāna, as possible, including working to cast the seeds of dhamma widely, without limitation based on material wealth.

Please support us to offer this radical anti-Capitalist pricing structure by offering the highest amount you can afford, and by giving above the suggested price if you can, which directly gifts scholarship support to those who need it.

thank you for your generosity.
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