Intro to the History of Yoga: Philosophy, Practice, Transformation

An 8-week online course with Dr. Sean Feit Oakes.

Suggested Price: $250.00

Dive into the ocean of ideas, practices, and culture that evolved into modern yoga. Designed for serious students of yoga and meditation, this is a university-level introduction to Yoga history from an engaging scholar-practitioner.

  • 16 hours of engaging lecture, including stories, philosophy, images, and excerpts from classical texts, recorded live in Berkeley, CA in 2017
  • Hundreds of beautiful slides with classical imagery & text excerpts
  • Guided meditations for personal practice
  • Comprehensive handout, including text excerpts & suggestions for further study
  • Inquiry questions to support you on your path
  • Monthly video chats with Dr. Oakes & a community of sincere practitioners

The full course experience will unfold over 8 weeks, with a focus on 1 topic per week. Each topic is comprised of multiple, short video lessons, inquiry questions and practices, as well as suggestions for further study.

The course begins on Sunday, October 13th, 2019.

Join two live Q&A sessions on Thursdays, November 7th and December 5th, 6:30-8pm PST via Zoom.

If you are familiar with Dr. Oakes’ work, you know that widespread access and affordability are integral to his offering and he is committed to using the Gift Economy model to transmit his teachings. The term “Gift Economy” is borrowed from academic analyses of some pre-industrial societies, and refers to a culture or community that sees the movement of resources between people as a means to deepen connection, not as competition or commerce. We encourage you to read more about the philosophy and practice of Gift Economy here.

In keeping true to the fundamental belief that all interested practitioners are welcome to receive the teachings, regardless of material wealth, enrollment is set up on a sliding scale, with additional scholarship options. 

sliding scale

The sliding scale is based on self-assessment of your ability to offer your resources in a way that supports others with lesser resources to attend. Please support us to offer this radical anti-Capitalist pricing structure by offering the highest amount you can afford, and by giving above the suggested price if you can, which directly gifts scholarship support to those who need it. Thank you for your generosity!

$200: base / “non-profit” level price
$250: suggested price / keeps us sustainable
$300+: supports scholarships & future offerings



Scholarships are offered as widely as possible and based on request. Our goal is to not turn anyone away for lack of resources, both for this course and future offerings. Please complete the application below to request scholarship.

payment plans

To arrange a payment plan, please reserve your space with a $100 deposit and leave us a note on the checkout page. We’ll be in touch to arrange the details.

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