Organic Intelligence

Organic Intelligence® (OI) is an elegant approach to healing and the cultivation of resilience rooted in mindfulness, neurophysiology, and complexity science. Developed by Steven Hoskinson, OI is rooted in the brilliant trauma resolution work of Dr. Peter Levine known as Somatic Experiencing (SE), the Polyvagal Theory of Dr. Stephen Porges, Buddhist mindfulness practice, and Complex Systems Theory. Restoring healthy self-regulation in the nervous system through a gentle, relational process, it is an approach to counseling, a beautiful map for healing and personal growth, and a model for supporting systemic change in organizations and communities.

The central training in the OI curriculum is the Human Empowerment And Resilience Training, or HEART. It unfolds through a series of intensive retreats over 3 years, with video content online to deepen both theory and clinical practice, and ongoing support between the retreats, including mentorship, personal sessions, peer practice, and small group coaching around integrating the material into your own work.

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UPDATE: Heart Berkeley is postponed till further notice

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Here’s some writing on OI & trauma resolution in the context of Buddhism & Yoga in the West.

As Buddhist and Hindu Yoga lineages take root outside of Asia, their insights into human nature, the causes of suffering, and the paths to joy and liberation are finding fertile soil in sincere seekers and dedicated spiritual practitioners worldwide. As many of us find our personal and collective journeys deeply served by contact with these ancient teachings, we are also finding that the particular conditions of our postmodern lives require care and in many cases real healing if the yogic practices of introspection and embodied inquiry are to bear fruit. The collective traumas of racism, sexism, economic precarity, and environmental crisis affect us all, and despite our various privileges many of us suffer in addition the painful symptoms of attachment rupture, physical and emotional abuse, injury of many kinds, and the stresses of busy, unstable lives.

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