Foundations, part 2: “Find Your Circle”

We continue our exploration of a set of foundational practices the Buddha often taught before introducing people to the deeper liberation teachings. In Part 1, we looked at sīla, ethical action, as the basis of the path. This week we look at community, saṇgha, based on a phrase my friend and fellow Spirit Rock teacher Erin Selover used in a conversation we’d just had: “Find your circle.” We were talking about what students really needed as they began engaged contemplative practice, and she was emphasizing how deeply community is needed, especially given how isolated and separate so many of us feel.

Listen to part 1, our discussion of ethics, here.

Meditation: Resting into your body as home (1.15.19)

Talk: Saṇgha, “Find Your Circle” (Erin Selover)

Explore Erin’s powerful work in Dharma and Social Justice, here.

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