Buddhist & Hindu Yogas are less separate than you think

A month of talks exploring the relationship between Buddhism and Yoga, or between the many “Buddhist and Hindu Yogas” plural. I wove in some history, but tried to stay close to actual practice issues.

1. Embodiment.


Meditation: Orientation through the senses

2. Focus & tranquillity: the practices of jhāna/samādhi, and the pleasure of Rapture (pīti). Child Gotama under the rose-apple tree.


Meditation: working with a deeper breath, moving into Focus

3. More on energy, and how pīti and kuṇḍalinī are the same thing, related to very differently.

Meditation: Circulating Energy (śakti calana)

4. The fraught 20th century: colonialism, cultural appropriation in both Yoga and Buddhism, and how everything we practice is the result of reinvention and remix.


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