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And what, bhikkhus, is the origin of the world? In dependence on the eye [ear, nose, tongue, body, mind] and forms, eye-consciousness arises. The meeting of the three is contact. With contact as condition, feeling comes to be; with feeling as condition, craving; with craving as condition, clinging; with clinging as condition, existence; with existence as condition, birth; with birth as condition, aging-and-death, sorrow, lamentation, pain, displeasure, and despair come to be. This, bhikkhus, is the origin of the world.

The Buddha (SN 12.44)

From the earliest contemplative practitioners, meditating and gathering together in the woods was considered one of the most conducive situations for deep practice.

Join me and an intimate group of dedicated seekers for a long weekend in the power of spiritual community and the sublime environment of the deep woods. We will integrate the practices of movement and stillness, dynamic breath work and precise mindfulness meditation, embedded within a mostly traditional silent Insight Meditation retreat structure.

This 4-night silent meditation and yoga retreat is for practitioners with at least 2 years experience in yoga and meditation. We will work with the Haṭha Yoga Sadhana movement form and integrate aspects of the Buddhist and Hindu streams of energetic cultivation and embodied inquiry.

  • meditation & mindfulness based in the Theravāda Buddhist tradition
  • yogāsana as movement inquiry, transforming posture work into meditative & energetic process
  • prānāyāma and bandha, the energetic practices at the heart of Classical Haṭha Yoga
  • Relational practice in the Open Circle form based in the discipline of Authentic Movement

To support the skillful unfolding of these practices, all participants will receive individual guidance with Dr. Oakes. For details on the retreat structure we’ll use, including how we work with silence, self-guided practice, chanting, and movement, read more here.

As a framework for our inquiry in this retreat, we will explore the gorgeous Buddhist model of identity, suffering, and liberation known as Dependent Origination, the basis of the quote at the top of this page, and the heart of the Buddha’s unique vision.

Join us for a very special period of focused practice in the deep redwoods.

Retreat Details

May 30 – June 3, 2019

Thursday, May 30: Arrive between 3-5pm for check-in and orientation. Dinner is served at 5:30.

Monday, June 3: Retreat ends after lunch. After cleaning and packing, participants are free to stay on the land till 5pm.


Double Bear Retreat Center
Boulder Creek, CA
map link
directions to Double Bear
carpool sign-up

Accommodations are communal, with participants sharing two sleeping yurts. Participants can also bring personal tents for camping, at the same cost. One private cabin (a woodstove-heated yurt up the hill from the main spaces) is available for an extra cost. The walk up to the cabin is medium steep, but there is a fire road. If you are interested in the cabin, please contact us. Update: the cabin is reserved.

Accessibility: The camp is not wheelchair-accessible, and has some uneven terrain, hills, and stairs. If you would like to attend and have other accessibility questions, please contact us.

For folks who would like to carpool, please sign up here. You can offer to be a driver or sign up as a passenger.


Sliding scale: $650 – $900

The retreat is priced on a sliding scale based on self-assessment of your income and ability to offer your resources in a way that supports others with lesser resources to attend. Please offer the highest level you can on the sliding scale. The more funds we collect above the base price, the more scholarships we will be able to provide. Your sincerity and generosity in this process directly enable us to offer Dharma teachings to everyone who might benefit from them regardless of access to wealth.

$650 (base price): keeps us sustainable
$700-800: supports a scholarship
$800-900: supports more scholarships & future offerings

Scholarships will be made available to the extent possible. We always attempt to not turn anyone away for lack of resources, both for this retreat and future retreats. Please complete the application below to request a scholarship. 

To arrange a payment plan, please contact us. You may also reserve your space by making a $100 deposit and leaving us a note on the checkout page. We’ll be in touch to arrange the plan details.

Cancellation by May 1: full refund. Cancellation after May 1: refund minus $50.

*The retreat is currently sold-out. If you would like to be added to a waitlist, please follow the link below.

Testimonials from past retreats

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