Guided Meditations and Instructions

Here are various meditations I’ve recorded, mostly from the short meditation instructions I give at the beginning of Satsang. I consider these “meditation instructions” rather than guided meditations, and so after the instructions, which are all 10-15 minutes, sit as long as you like in silence. I will add some actual “guided meditations” as well, soon.

Meditations are also embedded in the posts where the talk is that was given on the same night.

Meditation Instructions

The still Point; the eye of the hurricane (8.29.17)

The 4 brahmavihāra: Equanimity! (8.22.17)

The 4 brahmavihāra: Radiating Appreciation & Joy in all directions. (8.15.17)

The 4 brahmavihāra: Radiating Compassion in all directions (8.8.17)

The 4 brahmavihāra: Radiating mettā in all directions (8.1.17)

Your/The Center of Gravity; breath & life (7.18.17)

Working with the body & the tall spine (7.11.17)

Mindfulness & trauma: Orientation to the here-and-now (6.27.17)

Mindfulness & trauma: State, thoughts, and 3 qualities to track (6.20.17)

Mindfulness & trauma: Mettā for the benefactor, and working with breath (6.13.17)

Mindfulness & trauma: Orientation to posture & pleasure (6.6.17)

Samādhi: Stilling the body, stilling the mind (5.30.17)

Samādhi: Concentration at the nose tip (5.23.17)

External and internal awareness (5.2.17)

Breath practice, gentle prānāyāma (4.18.17)

Cultivating stability, and mindfulness of state (4.11.17)

Orientation through the senses (3.28.17 at Insight Meditation South Bay)

Observing change like a river (3.14.17)

Basic meditation instructions for beginners (3.7.17)

The Mind as Mirror (2.28.17)

Non-effort, stillness (2.21.17)

Meditation and/is Intimacy (2.14.17)

Meditation Basics (1.31.17)

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