Embodiment and Vitality: Moving from the subtle body

Yoga Garden SF
Sat-Sun May 5-6, 2018, 12-5pm
$200 ($145 Early Bird)

From its roots as a meditative discipline, to the dynamic breathwork of classical Hatha Yoga, to the athletic forms common in modern practice, yoga has always been used to cultivate energy and embodied presence. In this workshop for experienced students, we will work with the energetic tools of early Hatha Yoga, especially pranayama and bandha, to deepen our relationship to the subtle body, and explore parallels between yogic energetic anatomy and the nervous system.

Supporting our work with energy, we will develop the skill of following internal impulse using a movement and witness form descended from the contemporary spiritual discipline Authentic Movement. In this work, we use asana (postures) as distinct tools for the unfolding of an internally-guided energetic process. Each student will come out of the weekend with a personalized breath and energy sequence, and the tools to deepen in yoga as a liberation practice.

  • Breath and energy in Hatha Yoga: pranayama, bandha, and mudra
  • Tracking Autonomic Nervous System states
  • Sensing and engaging with subtle impulse
  • Energetic anatomy in Hatha Yoga: nadi, cakra, and kundalini
  • The power and challenges of self-guided practice
  • Energy work as the doorway to meditation

Prerequisite: 2 years of consistent yoga or meditation practice, or teacher permission