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The 5 Ethical Precepts (sīla)

The ethical guidelines are the most fundamental practice in Buddhism. They are the basis of working with karma, renunciation, and purification, all of which support deep meditation (samādhi) and equanimity, the bases of Liberation practice. They are central to the refuge pūja we chant at Satsang, and one of the most powerful and transformative practices we can take on, if we give ourselves to them seriously. So much joy and safety comes from getting grounded in these principles.

The 5 Ethical Precepts (sīla), in the order I gave the talks:

3. Not misusing sexuality (6.23.16)

2. Not taking that which is not offered (7.14.16)

4. Not misusing speech (7.21.16)

5. Not misusing intoxicants (7.28.16)

1. Not causing harm (8.4.16)

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